I am currently offering a series of comprehensive and compelling workshops. These workshops / presentations will focus on difficult but crucial issues pertaining to our societal structure. I will draw from a combination of personal experiences and professional observations in order to provide insight into these complicated matters.

Please contact me at  or (416) 531-0857 if you need any more information or would like to book a workshop.


 I am also available for speaking engagements and consultations. 


  • Recognizing the Cycle: Domestic Violence Through Generations
  • A Better Life? The Canadian Immigrant Experience
  • Conversations on Poverty
  • Cultural Influences on Familial Relationships
  • Specially tailored workshops are also available



  • secondary school students
  • women groups
  • community  groups
  • women’s organizations
  • church groups
  • Anti- poverty groups
  • book clubs



The workshops will provide participants with an opportunity to enhance their self-understanding and understanding of others through an examination of their personal belief systems and also of the foundations and implications of different viewpoints and lived experiences of others.



Recognizing the Cycle: Domestic Violence Through Generations 

Domestic violence is an issue that affects one in three women worldwide. It occurs in all cultures and religions, ethnic and racial communities, and every income group. Children who grow up in families where domestic violence is present are more likely to become victims of future abuse or abusers themselves. Even though it is an issue that affects a large amount of women, it is not one that is openly discussed.

A Better Life? The Canadian Immigrant Experience

Canada is a country made up of immigrants who come from every corner of globe.  Whether they flee repressive governments, economic or environmental hardships, they all come in search of a better life. A large amount of these immigrants arrive with nothing and end up living in poverty. What does Canada truly offer its recent citizens.

Conversations on Poverty

As the wage gap increases, the lives of Canadians are increasingly being touched by poverty.  Still, it is an issue whose realities are not openly explored. This presentation looks into day to day life in Canada’s low-income neighborhoods.

 Cultural Influences on Familial Relationships

The Parent-Child relationship can be one of the most complicated, yet most rewarding. This presentation looks at the dynamics between familial relations, strongly focusing on the mother-daughter dynamic and investigating the cultural and psychological influences which define these associations.




I have conducted many successful workshops over the years and I have also taught at George Brown College and Sheridan College.

For more than twenty years I have been working as independent filmmaker. Being from an immigrant family and growing up in poverty, my mandate has always been to give a voice to the voiceless and bring forth stories from the margins of society.  Over the years I have dealt with issues of poverty, race, identity, culture, and women’s rights in my work.

My films have been shown and sold all over the world and have won numerous awards.  More recently I  branched out into the world of fiction with my first novel Two Women.  With the novel, I continue to work on many of the same themes I dealt with  in my films.


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