Jodie Drake: Blues in My Bread

Blues and Jazz Singer Jodie Drake is a legend. From her beginnings in Detroit to her many years of breaking ground in Canada, she has consistently promoted Black music, often simply through the power of her  voice. Blues in my Bread made for a CBC national broadcast, presents the women in all her glory. Browne had full access to the singer, her interview and performances combine with now rare footage from Drakes TV appearances in the 60’s and 70’s add an important chapter to the history of jazz and blues in Canada.

JODIE DRAKE:BLUES IN MY BREAD — profile of the Canadian jazz singer and actress. Jodie discusses the musical inspiration of her mother, a gospel singer; the experience of being a black musician in the forties and the fifties; life on the road with Matthew Rucker’s band the’Spirits of Swing the challenges black musicians experienced trying to make money and get work; racial prejudice; the 1950’s jazz scene in Toronto and Montreal; her experience as an actress in ‘Born of Medusa’s Blood’, ‘Field of Endless Day’, ‘Happy Ending’; and the illness that set her back in the seventies. There are also comments from Jodie‘s sister Louise, former band leader Matthew Rucker, musicians Bill Blackburn, Bill Best, Connie Maynard, Jim Galloway, television producer Paddy Sampson and friend Clem Marshall. Includes footage of Drake in concert at Toronto’s Water’s Edge Cafe where she performs ‘I’m A Woman’, ‘Gonna Build A Mountain’ and ‘How Long Has That Evening Train Been Gone’ accompanied by Gordie Johnson, drummer Wilson Laurencin, pianist Neville Thomas and bass player Lionel Williams; and during a 1991 Detroit concert where she sings ‘Lowdown Dog Blues’ with saxophonist Louis Barnett, drummer William Evans, pianist Alma Smith, trumpeter Herbert Williams and bass player Rodney Whitaker. The program also presents archival still photos documenting her career through the years and footage of Drake performing on a number of CBC produced television series including ‘Bandwagon’, ‘All About Toronto’, ‘Program X’, ‘Black Hallelujah’ and ‘In The Mood’ (with American singer Joe Williams).

28 Minutes, Color
Produced for CBC Adrienne Clarkson Presents
Featuring Performances by  Joe Williams and many other jazz legends.