A Way Out

A Way Out is a documentary about breaking the cycle of poverty in Canadian’s oldest and largest “ghetto,” Regent Park. In addition to talking about what it is like to grow up poor in North America, it explores the reasons behind one person finding a way out of poverty and others remaining.

As a former resident of a low-income community, Christene Browne went back to find out what had happened to some of her old friends. Formal and impromptu interviews are conducted and the community is revealed through footage and stills. A young man who currently lives in the community is also followed and interviewed. Through in-depth interviews with three people who made it out (Tony Lewis- Manager at Toronto Hydro, Lorie Stubbs – Artist/ Entrepreneur, Clement Virgo- Filmmaker ) we get an insightful look into the minds of people growing up in poverty. They share their hopes, dreams, anguish and fears with us. The community as an additional main character is revealed through everyday footage, landscape shots and still photographs.

Educational Price: $159.95  (DVD + Public Performance Rights)
53 Minutes, Color, DVD
Featuring: Clement Virgo (Poor Boys Game, Lie With Me, Rude), Matthew Brown (Instant Star, Mayday , Jersey Boys)