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Speaking in Tongues: The History of Language Series

Speaking in Tongues: The History of Language is a ground breaking 5 part documentary series that looks at language from  prehistoric times to the present day. Noam Chomsky is one of the many renown experts featured in the series. (5x 48 minutes)

a way out building shot

A Way Out

A documentary that looks at what makes the difference between one person getting out of the ghetto and another remaining. Filmmaker Clement Virgo and actor Matthew Brown are featured.  ( 53 minutes)

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Them That’s Not: Singles Mothers and the Welfare System

Fourth film in the National Film Board of Canada’s Feminization of Poverty Series. Deals with the Canadian social welfare system. (55 minutes) A National Film Board of Canada Production.

new jodie drake

Jodie Drake: Blues in My Bread

Portrait of Canadian blues singer Jodie Drake. ( 28 minutes) A Adrienne Clarkson Presents CBC Production

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Brothers In Music

A documentary that looks at the plight of two Canadian jazzmen. ( 25 minutes)

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No Choice

A documentary that deals with the abortion issue and how it relates to women living in  poverty.  ( 6 minutes)

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